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Executive Coaching 
"More specifically, the experts say, coaching can be particularly effective in times of change for an executive. That includes promotions, stretch assignments, and other new challenges. While you may be confident in your abilities to take on new tasks, you may feel that an independent sounding board would be beneficial in helping you achieve a new level of performance, especially if close confidants are now reporting to you. More so, you may recognize that succeeding in a new role requires skills that you have not needed to rely on in the past; a coach may help sharpen those skills, particularly when you need to do so on the fly.

But coaching is not just for tackling new assignments. It can also play an invigorating role. Coaches can help executives "develop new ways to attack old problems," says Vicky Gordon, CEO of the Gordon Group coaching practice in Chicago. "When efforts to change yourself, your team, or your company have failed—you are frustrated or burned out—a coach can be the outside expert to help you get to the root cause and make fundamental changes.""

Harvard Business School. (

The good news, as you move up the ranks, is that you gain the power to shape strategy and change. The bad news is that your position often creates a feedback vacuum. The further you move up the ladder the smaller the circle of confidants to help you shape your vision and strategy. When we are at the executive level we need the ability to talk things through, share concerns, and build ideas in a safe and neutral space. That is one of the many benefits of executive coaching where you work with an expert who will help you brainstorm, challenge you, and give you honest feedback.

Executive coaching also focuses on the developmental growth of executives. The very best leaders know their strengths and limitations and work tirelessly to develop themselves. Through coaching and the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, executives can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they can best lead others.  

Coaching is a proven fast-track method to build leadership skills, managerial versatility, and correct derailing behaviors. It is a one-on-one relationship that is customized and focused on your challenges and ensuring your success.

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