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Life Design Coaching
What Is Life Design Coaching?

Quite simply, life design coaching helps you achieve your dreams and goals. Life is too short to not meet our potential and achieve our dreams. Together we define clear, achievable short and long-term goals, evaluate your current situation, identify the gap between your current and desired future state(s), and then focuses on closing that gap as quickly and pragmatically as possible. I have designed a unique methodology that combines features of personal discovery, change management, life coaching and project management to build a foundation for personal change. 

"The difference between working with Carol and working alone is getting a result faster than you can on your own. I was overwhelmed by the many tasks that had to be done to fund and complete my recording project. I felt stuck, and frustrated while key deadlines were slipping. As a result I was losing valuable time and confidence. Carol helped me to stay focused, organized and energized, and to recognize and celebrate the weekly progress I was making. I just released my third CD in June."                                                 Karen Hudson, Singer/Songwriter  
What have I helped my clients achieve?
Writing a book/getting published                                                                              Being more creative                
Creating a music CD and CD marketing plan                                                           Building work-life balance
Losing weight                                                                                                              Improving relationships
Exercising more                                                                                                          Preparing for a fulfilling retirement
Managing stress                                                                                                          Earning a degree or certification 
Completing a dissertation                                                                                          Preparing for an artistic achievement
Learning more about strengths and developmental needs                                    Managing burnout
Starting a new business
My Guarantee To You:

I am totally committed to client satisfaction. My results speak for themselves. My business has grown strictly through referrals – I believe I must earn my client’s business through providing not only quality services, but also through delivering results. I put my money where my values are.

I guarantee 100% satisfaction with my services and products. If I fail to deliver that to you I will refund your money for the product or service in question.  
What would it feel like to achieve your dream?
''I hesitated to go to a life coach. It costs money. Then again, a life problem costs you too. Carol is a California Closet organizer for the mind and soul.'' Melinda Axel