"Carol helped me revamp my resume and cover letter, giving them both a fresh approach that was much needed in my length of experience. She provided coaching that was helpful in my strategy in seeking a new career in this challenging economy. The results were excellent! I got interviews quickly and a job offer in record time! Nice! Thanks!"  Laura Ramsey
Frog's Leap Consulting
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you find me a job?
My job is to prepare you for a successful job search and to help you land the best job. I am not a recruiter or head hunter. I work for you and not a company.  I help you plan, strategize, and target the opportunities that will be the best match for you. The skills you learn while working with me prepare you for job searches over your career.

How much does it cost?
My pricing is based upon your situation. That is why I have a complimentary call with my clients prior to developing a proposal.  Working with me is an investment in yourself. Over your lifetime the money you make from your career will outshine your other investments, not to mention the invaluable benefit of job fulfillment and happiness. My fees are less than massages, theater tickets, dinner out, or other services that provide temporary satisfaction. I work to keep my fees low because I love and believe in the work I do. 

What is the commitment that I have to make with you?
Because my business value is total customer satisfaction I do not require any commitment from my clients. Working with me is absolutely risk free.  I will return your money if you do not get value from my products or services. I can't guarantee a job, but I can guarantee that you will be prepared, confident and discerning about the right opportunities for you. You have nothing to lose, and I believe that is the way it should be.

Do you tell me what I should be doing and what job is best for me?
No.  I believe you have the answers and my job is to help you clarify what is right for you. We form a partnership. I look out for your interests, which means I may challenge you based upon your values and preferences.  However, you are the decision maker and the driver of the process.  I am your advocate and facilitator.

Do you have a payment plan?
Many of my clients are out of work and have been for awhile before they contact me. I totally understand and empathize with this challenge. These are tough times we are facing. When people are 'underwater' I offer a delayed payment plan.  I am confident that when we work together a new job will appear. Once that happens payment can commence. 

Who do you work with?
I provide value to clients in many different situations.  I start working with young adults from their senior year in high school forward. I work with blue collar workers, professionals, managers, executives and C-suite leaders.  I thoroughly enjoy working with all ages, levels and professions. I relish the challenge each offers.   

"Working with Carol was an absolute pleasure. As a rising sophomore in college, I was very overwhelmed and confused about my future....Carol listened to my concerns and delineated an intensive 8-week program over the summer to help me find my future path, both in college and in life. Some assignments she encouraged me to do included the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, the Strong assessment, deep personal reflections, and exercises on my perfect job, timelines of my life, and more. 
Carol was incredibly helpful in deciphering the results of my assessments and my general reflections. She was always attentive and kind, and pushed me to challenge myself in exploring the possibilities of my future. Our work together culminated in me learning so much more about myself then when I had started, and I went into my sophomore year newly energized and passionate about my decisions. We continued to follow up with each other throughout the year, and she has continued to be responsive and thoughtful, giving me the honest critique and feedback that I need."      Alexandra Golub