Frog's Leap Consulting
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What is my unique value to you?
"Carol was an excellent partner in preparing me for my interviews, giving me excellent insights on what to expect, advising me during each step of the process and helping me negotiate a final offer... With her guidance I landed a job with fantastic prospects and a significant increase over the initial offer. I cannot thank her enough." 

Russell Schwartz 
  • I am the owner and lead consultant at Frog’s Leap Consulting, LLC and I expertly deliver a full service, end-to-end career consulting practice to my clients. 
  • I am a career consultant who was a corporate IT and HR executive. I know the ins and outs of hiring and the HR process. 
  • I am fully qualified and certified to provide professional, theory and evidence based transformative coaching services to my clients.  I am continually learning, advancing and deepening my knowledge and skills.
  • I am a person who believes in the potential of people and nothing gives me more satisfaction and joy than finding and unleashing that potential. I work to build confidence and a sense of sustainable strength and value in my clients.  
  • I am effective and experienced working at all levels - from CEOs to college students.  Each person has unique challenges and I am energized by helping my clients overcome their barriers to success and achieve career fulfillment.

My Guarantee

I am totally committed to client satisfaction. My results speak for themselves. My business has grown strictly through referrals – I believe I must earn my client’s business through providing not only quality services, but also through delivering results. I put my money where my values are.

I guarantee 100% satisfaction with my services and products. If I fail to deliver that to you I will refund your money for the product or service in question.