"The best thing I ever did in my job search was contact Carol Sommerfield. From the outset, I could tell that she would be an invaluable resource, as she was organized, responsive, personable, and a wealth of knowledge on all areas related to career counseling."  Ira Slotnick
Frog's Leap Consulting
Are you ready to leap into the future you want?
Career Need Fixing?
If so, Frog's Leap Consulting can help. 

Through a combination of personal consultingcareer developmentlife coachingchange management and project management a structure for change is provided in a creative, positive, exciting, fun, inspiring, confidential and secure environment. Your results are achieved through personal exploration closely linked to a strong planning structure to ensure movement forward is achieved throughout the experience. I believe that our relationship should be a short-term one. My goal is to focus us on getting you on your way as quickly as possible.
Do you want to achieve your dreams and goals? 
To become who and what you know you can be?
Are You...
  • stuck in your life's journey; in a rut you can't dig yourself out of?
  • miserable in your current job, company or career? 
  • lacking the confidence or courage to take the next step?
  • trying to figure out your direction and need help designing, clarifying, and weighing options?
  • aware of the next step, but are having trouble scoping, organizing and developing a workable plan?
  • on your way to where you want to go and need help executing your plan?
  • in need of a neutral sounding board to help you identify issues, realistically assess the situation, and look at potential options?
  • looking for someone to help you cope with a poor job fit, while planning your next move?  
  • ​just out of college and new to a job search?
  • an older worker who needs to compete in this job market?
  • designing your post retirement career?